Friday, April 24, 2009

Flowers are Blooming!!

Spring is finally here and the flowers are in bloom. I just love spring!

My mom gave me this old water pump so I put it in one of my flower gardens..I have chives in the old tub next to it, boy do they smell great when they come up.

My beautiful Magnolia tree - I really like this picture I took, I think I may enlarge it and frame it. The flowers didnt last long, they are all gone now. :(

My Tulips & Magnolia tree!! Isnt it pretty?! The bees love the magnolia tree!

I have never tried this but I figured I would give this a try: I put some pepper seeds in a few pots and put some glass over the top so it would create a greenhouse effect. Something is starting to grow in it, its so tiny you cant see it.. then will transplant the peppers to my garden next month after my father in law tills my garden up for me with the tractor.

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  1. I have green pepper seeds coming up..yippee!!!! will be able toplant them in my garden soon, once my father in laws tills it for me, he better move it!!! im so impatient