Thursday, April 30, 2009

Recycled Jewelry by Liz

Liz has taken recycling to a whole new level. She has taken old computer parts that would eventually have ended up in a land fill and turned them into Fabulous pieces of jewelry. Way to go Liz!

This piece is wire wrapped with 1 carved wooden bead that looks like a skull with a black crocheted chain. Fabulous! Only $9.99

This necklace is a striking metallic orange and has " Elite Group" written across it in blue. Wire wrapped so it can hang from a chain. The crocheted chain comes in a glittery blue. Only $12.99

You may buy her one of a kind designs go to:


  1. Thank you for featuring me ! I'm honored !

  2. Your welcome! I love how creative you are with your jewelry. I hope you sell tons!