Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Summer Pictures

This is my LuLu..Her nick name is Fruity pie..Shes a Shepard Mix. She always looks out the window whenever I leave the house. Shes so sweet! I just love her!

The Hostas are really filling out now

I believe this is a Primrose- Thanks for letting me know!

View from my back deck. My garden is going right next to my Arborvitas. As you can see some of the shrubs did not make it through winter. We had more but we removed them cause they died. I will gradually add more shrubs. I need alot to border my back yard from the field.

This is my HUGE Rhododendron in my front flower bed. Wait till you see it bloom! The front will be loaded with flowers

Yellow Primrose?

My flower garden. Time to plant more flowers. Some are just now coming up. I have tons of iris's in this one. A few summers ago I found a concrete slab on our property and had my husband put 3 wood logs under it for legs..its still standing. Right now I placed my pots of garden seeds on it to get more sun. I am going to plant more flowers around it and put the watering can & old gas can in another spot. At the end I have an old bucket that I put a water feeder for the birds in, it is rusty so I put an old enamel bowl on top so the birds can have clean water, I also put some of my gourds in the bucket. i am going to make birdhouses out of some of them, now that they are completely dry.

This is a lantern I have had hanging from this pole for awhile. I would like to remove the inside so I can put a candle in it.

This is an old wicker chair I bought years ago at the fire stations yearly garage sale. I only paid like $3 or $4 for it. I put a pot of flowers on it in the summer. Along with the other rocker in the photo...Time to also start mulching again too.


  1. Very pretty! Isn't the red and yellow flower a primrose maybe?

  2. Yes that sounds very familiar to me. I also have some naked ladies I will post when they bloom. Very cool flower. Thank you for the comment liz :)