Monday, May 18, 2009

CornToss Bags For Fun or Profit

Last summer I started making and selling corntoss/ cornhole bags for profit. I went through close to a thousand pounds of corn, which is alot of bags. My husband made the boards as well and I would charge xtra to paint them.

I actually wasnt planning on making and selling anymore bags this summer but last week a very good customer from last summer stopped by and asked if I was still making them and I decided to go ahead and keep making and selling them.

I decided to put together a "Corntoss Bag for fun or profit" guide for $0.99. Which can be purchased here on my blog. Safe and secure payment with paypal.

My guide has over 30 tips on how I made and sold so many bags from home, how to make them and the game rules. I have sold every single bag from home, I did not have to go through ebay to do it.

Its a nice way to be able to stay home and make some extra cash.

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