Friday, May 15, 2009

The Hummingbirds have arrived!

The Hummingbirds have finally arrived! I just love these little birds. I will eventually get many many more come to my feeder.

Have you ever had a hummingbird fly into your house? Well last summer a hummingbird flew in my sun room. I was dumb founded as to how I was going to get the little bird out without hurting it. It was flying around the room but ended up attaching itself to a beam on the ceiling. My first attempt was to open one of the doors and shooooo it out with a broom. That did not work so well then I came up with the idea of using a feather duster. It clamped onto the feather duster, I put it outside the door and off it flew, no harm! So folks! If you ever have a hummingbird fly into your house, use a feather duster. One of those cheap long multicolored ones you find at the dollar store that doesnt have any feathers in it but still considered a feather duster. I am sure you know which ones I am talking about.

Yesterday I was watching them and I noticed the male likes to sit on the deck rail and wait for the female to get some food and when she comes in he will chase her off.


  1. I loved watching hummingbirds at my mom's feeder growing up. I need to get one for our house.

  2. Yes you will enjoy having one. You can make your own. I have a video on my blog on how you can make one from recycled containers.