Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dream Home

I love Log cabins and found 3 different log cabin pictures online from 3 different Log Cabin companies where you can buy the home plans. My dream home is a Ranch Log cabin..They are simply gorgeous!

I was born in Alabama and have lived in Ohio for way too long. I so miss the south! I would really love to move down south again.


  1. Where were you from in AL? I am from Oneonta right outside of Bham and my husband is from Fultondale.

  2. I was born in Russellville and have family in Cullman, Russellville, moulton..I was just there last nov for my grandmothers funeral :( but when I was there I seriously didnt want to come back to Ohio. It was almost 80 degrees on thanksgiving day, gosh it was so nice. I love everything about the south, the weather, the country cooking, and the people are always so nice.